Fma Scar Tattoo Both Arms

Nov 11 2019 both arms tattoos from scar s brother from fullmetal alchemist. Ed finds these ruins both in xerxes itself and inside gluttony s stomach and he soon divines their meaning.

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I have many self inflicted scars on my arms from a nervous breakdown when i was 15 years old.

Fma scar tattoo both arms. Kimblee left the young scar dying from the loss of his arm his older brother regained his senses long enough to transfer his own right arm to his younger sibling at the cost of his own life. Scar s arm tattoos which enable alchemy also have alkahestry symbology in them. Saving for future reference.

I ve never gotten a tattoo but i told myself if i ever got one it would be this. I was all set to get it four years ago for my 25th birthday because fma changed my life but i just never worked up the balls to get it. As such scar s right arm is an incomplete philosopher s stone retaining enough of his brother s full body grand arcanum tattoo to react in the same way.

At one point i even took a sharpie and spent 2 hours doing both arms myself just to see what it would look like. Full body tattoo full sleeve tattoos tattoo sleeve designs body art tattoos tatoos geek tattoos fullmetal alchemist scar fullmetal alchemist brotherhood deviantart tattoo. Scar s deconstruction right and reconstruction left arrays tattoos i did not see it in the group so here it is scar s array tattoo.

2 the sun and moon the ancient xerxes people of the great desert had some symbology to offer too. After an attack by state alchemist solf j. When i turned 18 i went to a plastic surgeon that performed microdermabrasion on my left arm which has left me with the consistency of a severe burn scar that has significantly hypotrophied at least it didn t look self inflicted.

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