Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker Fan Art

He and luke started training a new generation of jedi. For a while anakin completed luke s training and named himself a jedi master.

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Jedi master anakin skywalker.

Jedi master anakin skywalker fan art. The legendary jedi master continues to prove that he is truly timeless as shown in a new piece of star wars fan art which looks at the many faces of general ben kenobi over the years. Secret jedi general of the coruscant guard and later ceresta guard. Jedi commander of clone commander fox and grand admiral thrawn.

Jedi empress of the amidala empire. A new canon star wars book has finally revealed what it means to be a jedi master and surprisingly anakin skywalker and his son luke don t make the cut. A work of stunning detail that serves as an attempted prediction of luke s fate in the last jedi bosslogic s fan art shows a fully transformed sith that instills fear.

Jedi master padme skywalker nee amidala. Luke has been acknowledged by many to be one of the most powerful force users to have ever lived. In fact this adds another dimension to anakin skywalker s fall to the dark side chronicled in star wars.

Episode iii revenge of the sith one of the causes of conflict between anakin and the jedi council was over whether or not anakin was qualified to be considered a master with the council believing he lacked control of his emotions and was vulnerable to palpatine s influence. Jedi master of the jedi order and member of the jedi council taking agen kolar s seat. Jedi master of leia skywalker.

In a sense the story of that galaxy far. Fan theory is a fan explanation for things that are not explained within the official canon.

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