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Sakura laughed at how frustrated their leader sama looked like while trying to order them around. Naruto sakura uzumaki family a little more us.

Papa Sasuke And Mama Sakura Protecting Their Kids Sasusaku Naruto Shippuden Anime Naruto Sasuke Sakura

Naruto sakura uzumaki family a little more us.

Sakura fanart kid. See more ideas about sakura narusaku sakura haruno. It is theorized that sasuke may have always had feelings for sakura but was just blinded by his goals to focus or admit them this being the reason why he continuously pushed her away in naruto shippuden the two do share some brief moments with each other in the original. Naruto haruno sakura fan art.

I am very busy with medical school so it took some months to complete this. I only combined. When she entered konoha s academy a few of the girls in her class started picking on her because of her broad forehead.

I do not own anything in the video all credits goes to masashi kishimoto for characters and fanarts to the fans who made these. Sakura kids tin rằng trẻ được khuyến khích sẽ tự tin trẻ được công nhận sẽ chủ động trẻ được khen ngợi sẽ hứng thú trẻ không bị so sánh giới hạn sẽ muốn làm thử muốn sáng tạo mọi thứ theo cách của mình. Your parents assigned us to look after you guys while they are in vacation.

Jan 9 2018 explore ecto s board sakura oogami on pinterest. A scene from the story tribute by southsidestory this piece was commissioned by birkastan2018 last year when the author had not written anything for the ss fandom in a very long time. I m sharing this because birk feels strongly about consumer appreciation for writers and artists that might not be creating.

Naruto sakura narutoshippuden anime sasukeuchiha sasusaku narutouzumaki haruno sasuke. She looked back at the bluenette and smiled sweetly. Don t look at me like that.

See more ideas about sakura danganronpa danganronpa trigger happy havoc. She had an ordinary childhood raised by her parents without any serious tragedy or complications. Sakura is the only child of mebuki and kizashi haruno.

Nov 20 2014 explore yuuta san s board sakura harem on pinterest. She then coughed to call the other kids attention. This piece wonderfully showcases the two as youthful blushy teens with crushes.

A rather simple fanart to start it off.

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