Sigil Wheel

I ve had a few different people asking for more graph based sigil making techniques and this is a fairly well known one that fits that category. Greek sigil wheel based on comments from the last post by satyr magos i got the idea to make a sigil wheel much like the rose cross sigil wheel.

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Witch s wheel sigils a witches wheel is created by placing the alphabet in a three layered circle see image below.

Sigil wheel. Make a straight line that connects the dot to the second letter. For single words of power for single word sigils that go together to form a phrase. Creating sigils with the sigil wheel or witch s wheel is yet another how to make a sigil method.

How to use a sigil wheel. To use the sigil wheel you must first decide on a word. Witch s sigil wheel decide on a word that resembles what you want to accomplish such as love health or protection.

Magic square kamea rose cross ע ב ר ית witch s wheel english musical kuji kuri bikram yoga english lenny bruce s 9 dirty words word method desktop only gematria. Place a small circle over the first letter within the wheel. Then after breaking down your intention as described under word sigils below draw lines from one letter to the next drawing your sigil.

The witch s sigil wheel is used outside of chaos magick in several ways depending what tradition you follow typically without removing any letters. A sigil wheel is a set of three concentric circles containing letters you can find different variations of it online. Then starting from the first letter trace the letters of your word in a straight line from one to another ending with the last letter of your word.

Sometimes just called sigil wheel it s a circular pattern using english letters. Choose from the dropdown below or just start typing to generate a sigil calculate gematria walk the tree of life use a dreamachine or deal tarot runes i ching. The idea is simple.

ˈ s ɪ g ɪ l sig il also known as the cage the city of doors or less commonly the city of secrets was a floating city in the center of the outlands and the self proclaimed center of the multiverse in the great wheel cosmology. Have several rings of letters hebrew in the case of the rose cross sigil wheel and draw lines between successive letters to make a sigil. I rarely use this method myself but i know people are always looking for tutorials on different methods of sigil making and not finding any.

When you reach the second letter stop and make a straight line to the third letter.

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